5 Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabia

Saudia Arabia is a country situated in the West of Asia and it makes up a bigger part of the Arabian Peninsula. It features 830, 000 sq. miles and it is ranked 5th among the largest countries in Asia. Also, it is the 2nd largest Arab nation after Algeria. It is estimated that this country has 33 million people. It is ranked the 40th largest in the planet in terms of population. 

It has a primary tribal group known as Arab. Their main religion is Sunni Islam. Saudi Arabia gas a government of Unitary Islamic absolute monarchy. They have a crown prince, deputy crown prince, and a king. The currency of Saudia Arabia is called the Riyal. While you might think this is all about Saudia Arabia, there are many facts that you don’t know about this country some of them are quite interesting. If you are planning to tour Saudia Arabia, here are some of the interesting facts about Saudia Arabia that you should know. 

It doesn’t have a river

I know you are shocked to learn that Saudia Arabia doesn’t have a river. Well, it is the only largest world on the planet that doesn’t have a river. Like I said earlier, Saudi Arabia is the 2nd largest country in Arabia after Algeria. 95% of this country is regarded as a semidesert or desert. The largest desert areas are found in Saudi Arabia. This includes Rub Al-Khali and An Nafud. Only 1.45 percent of Saudi Arabia’s land is fertile. 

Women are not allowed to drive

This may sound funny but in Arabia, you are not allowed to drive if you are a woman. While this Islamic state doesn’t have a law that forbids women from driving, Saudi law needs citizens to make use of locally assigned licenses when in the country. This kind of licenses is not given to ladies. As a result, it is illegal for ladies to drive. 

UNESCO heritage sites

This country has four UNESCO world heritage locations. Mada’in Saleh, an archeological site is among the heritages you will find in Saudia Arabia. Apart from that, this location comprises Saudia Arabia, the largest settlement and the kingdom’s southernmost after Petra, the capital. Mada’in Saleh is the opening World Heritage Site in Saudia Arabia.

The Petroleum sector contributes to 45 percent of GDP

The petroleum sector of Saudia Arabia makes up forty-five percent of its GDP. This in return, makes it bigger than Iraq, Tonga, Rwanda, and Morocco’s GDP.

100 camels get sold daily in the capital

I’m sure this cannot happen anywhere except in Saudia Arabia. It is estimated that around one hundred camels are sold in Saudia Arabia’s capital city. Unlike other countries, the capital of this country has a big market for camels.


As you can see Saudia Arabia is a unique country with unique facts. If you want to witness the selling of camels, don’t forget to visit the capital while in Saudia Arabia. Also, remember women are not allowed to drive and adhere to their rules.